Power: Group Exhibition

23 August - 19 December 2022
Our latest group show titled 'Power' focuses on the individual strength of each piece. Starting with Omofemi's Omoge that takes you on a journey into his muses' darkest secrets accentuated by the red in her left eye. His next painting, depicting him falling asleep next to his wife, is a beautiful representation of their bond and dependancy through time. The group show features Dele Ogbeyemi for the first time in our London space, and he debuts with his signature dinosaur styled work made of metal. Another debutant is Stanley Ugonabo with his series 'Between a rock and a hard place' where he uses his brother as his muse in his works. This focuses on the power of the human form in all its glory. We move onto two abstract pieces by Shiigo and Rafiy. Okefolahan explores the hidden worlds beneath human consciousness. The always intense relationship between reality and the incomprehensible is what leads the artist to examine complex political and social mechanisms. The show features beautiful clay carvings by the wonderful Cameroonian artist Djakou Kassi Nathalie that focus on the influence Africa has had on Mathematics with special focus on the Ishango bone.
Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition