Found: Group Exhibition

14 March - 13 August 2022

Found is a group show focusing on two meanings of the word. The first being the act of finding objects in nature and re-using them. In some circles it is seen as a means of recycling material, but just as important is the creation of new forms of art. This is evident with the work by Samsun Akinnire depicting the great Fred Hampton. The artist uses bottle cans to dress the sculpture. Another artist is John Ogbeta who’s medium of choice is mixed media on board. He uses everyday objects such as buttons and plastic to create his masterpieces. The show also consists of a pair of works on carved wooden panels by Adetola Adenuga depicted beautiful hairstyles as well as beautiful clay carvings by the wonderful Cameroonian artist Djakou Kassi Nathalie that focus on the influence Africa has had on Mathematics with special focus on the Ishango bone. On the lower ground floor we also have a couple of large hanging pieces by Samuel Alfa made out of burnt wood. On the ground floor there is a red mixed media work by Rahman Akar which is part of his famous galaxy series. The last work of this nature is by the evergreen Bruce Onobrakpeya, which is one of his rare non- editioned pieces.

The second meaning of the word is of an emotional nature, when one finds his/her calling. This is true with works by Oliver Enwonwu and Soji Adesina. This show is Oliver’s first group exhibition with us here in London and his medium-sized portraitures remain true to his upbringing and bring out his true self. They are both reflections of how he views the world.

As for Soji’s works, they are such vivid colours which bring to life the movement of the figures whilst displaying a vast array of emotions.

Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition