Badimo Ba Kgole: Giggs Kgole Solo Exhibition

5 - 30 October 2021

Badimo Ba Kgole is not a show, it’s an experience. A journey of a boy becoming a man. The journey of a child with dreams of art coming into himself and becoming art.

Badimo Ba Kgole- kgole his surname which translates to both “far” and “infinity” together, a far infinity. The show is his 12th solo exhibition at the age of 24. 1+2=3 the number of trinity, wisdom, and harmony; 2+4= 6 the number of harmony, balance and stability. The exhibition is a walk-through of his life from which is a culmination of divinity, purpose and supernatural grace.

Badimo Ba Kgole- the ancestors afar / the ancestors in infinity. The ancestors in infinity is a mirror of his devotion to ancestral connection. The connection to others' ancestors who have guided, protected and blessed him. In a cyclical exchange of receiving and giving he is collaborating with: Frans Thoka, Nkosinathi Mbatha, William Ledwaba and Hana Lotfy, young contemporary artists with an alluring craft and bright impact.

The ancestors afar. The journey through the works is one he has made and one the audience also makes. The works are cryptic, composed, sentimental, stirring, raw and rhapsodic; they streamline into what his life has been. A melody of fairy tales. Of learning about art in the village Kutupu in South Africa to exhibiting in the largest cities around the world. The ancestral divination is a looking glass through which he has curated home all over the world- creating art not just through works, but through community, identity and the human experience.

As you look at these works remember that you are part of the art, you are in the divine place at the destined time. A far infinity is your experience as it is his.

-Temashengu Litchfield-Tshabalala

Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition