Values: Samson Akinnire Solo Exhibition

16 - 24 November 2019

What is essential to perceiving this world? What lies directly before our eyes, yet explicitly elude us? How can something be completely trash at the same time intimately familiar? What values fasten transcends chasm of images? We somehow manage to execute these great leaps when we participate in the witnessing of our perception of art by SAMSOM AKINNIRE.

Here, the signature beyond gallery present (values) an exhibition of 20 solid selected works by Samson who demonstrated the creative harvesting of wastes of different kinds, nailed, glued, casted , welded, cut, sliced, punched, beaten and woven together to be called arts. As the striking of a match in the darkness, the partial and sudden illumination in this implicit capacity to change the way we see.

Values brings together diverse works in such a way that draws out essentials, yet his installations presents bold simplicity and striking completeness that evoke an inherent affective potency that elaborate collages of beer cans and wood to an intricate and sinuous path on which one cannot trace his footsteps. His images offers subliminal taste of the unseen through careful interplay of darkness and light that draws the viewer into the intimate moment of creation while his three dimensionality relate a deep communication with space that elicits a simultaneous sense of timeless constraint and boundlessness Samson’s mixed media portraits incorporates articles of refuse that invite a clarifying and humanizing engagement with what is discerned as beautiful versus disposable of fractured elements and cryptic symbols that conjure a visceral and transpersonal other worldliness, his illustration employs dramatic contrast but not conict within themselves, painstakingly uniting stark patterns and eye soul found object to reveal a spiritual presence only perceptible in their mutuality by virtue of these disparities the works together convey a subtle continuity in the evolution of visual to contemporary, imprecision to clarity, novel to digital, and vice versa. Values speak to this continuity by experientially enunciating both the ordinary and mystifying nature of ideas, experiences, and life through works that provides an aesthetic portal to the unifying nature of the creative process.