Steve Ekpenisi was born 13th of August 1978 in Abavo, Ika south local government of Delta State, Nigeria. Had his primary education in Nkwo Primary School, Udomi, Abavo and post primary in St. Charles College, Abavo. Studied sculpture in Federal polytechnic Auchi Edo State where he graduated as the overall best student with distinction in 2007/2008 academic session.

Over the years, he has taken metal as his medium of expression. He meticulously work with discarded metal plates, rods, stainless steel, mild steel, scrap metal and disposed cans of different products. His sculpture is usually life size or larger than life in both figurative, imaginative, animal and semi-abstract. His creations are of global contemporary standards.

Watching Steve work in his Studio is a delightful theatre. He wrestles with metal, cuts, bends and weaves it into artistic precision then the sparks from the welding machine. It is evident he derives the utmost satisfaction when the creative drama progresses.

His sculptures in all forms of metal medium has evolved with regard to the socio-economic determining factors because we live in an ever-changing society. Yet his works have maintained constant perfect craftsmanship which emits power, strength and wealth. One may say that Steve's general inspiration comes from pleasant shock viewers receive while viewing his finished pieces.

The common denominator in his works over the years have been the strict attention to intricate details and elegant features which lead to perfect treasures.

Steve's journey as an artist began at the age of five. He spontaneously engaged himself in training without knowing what and where it will lead him. Most times, his parents get angry at him because he destroys and put to use their electronics and other gadgets for his artistic exploits.

Steve is a member of Society of Nigerian Artists SNA, Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. He is also; Member of Sculptors Association of Nigeria (SCAN).