Born in 1968 to one of Edo state’s most renowned artists, Alfred O. Osakue (also known as The Human Camera), Dennis Osakue has been in love with art since he was an eight-year-old watching his father paint hyper realistic portraits.Dennis Osakue worked in the advertising industry as an illustrator photographer and a video editor after graduating from school.Using the pen and ink technique, Dennis has been drawing landscapes of cities and portraits of everyday people since the late 1990s. His work has evolved over the years and right now, he’s updated his technique to create something a bit more modern, pop art. His large-scale paintings bears a photographic quality that underscores his power of imagination. Pop art is a modern art movement which involves taking imagery from popular culture – in the case of Dennis’ Pop art paintings he visually removes popular logos famous characters from its known context and combining it with unrelated materials. While other pop artists lean a little towards the political and social with their works Dennis creates for one simple reason: to spread happiness. “I know most people create art for political reasons and while that is important, it’s not why I became an artist. I just want people to see my art and feel happy. I want people to see my art, and regardless of what is going on with them at that moment, be overcome with joy.” Dennis Osakue