Samson Akinnire is one of Nigeria’s prominent contemporary artists. He was born in ajegunle, Lagos, 1st June 1986. Within 1992-2003 He had his primary and secondary education in Lagos. holds a higher national diploma in sculpture from the prestigious Lagos state polytechnics and came out as the best student in 2011. Samson’s practice over the years has evolved dramatically because of his restless nature and it is expressed in the ever-shifting perspective of his techniques. He loves experimenting and is on a journey of discovery and like every adventure there are moments of immeasurable joy and moments of despair and discouragements. He has been prolific in his artistic production of abstraction, realism, portraiture and post- impressionistic works. His works were mostly influenced from the experiment he had done restlessly from junk discarded materials, his creative ideas came from harvesting “wastes” of many kinds, nailed, glued, casted, carved, welded, tied, cut, sliced, grind, punched, beaten, woven, stretched, burnt, painted, et al assembled with screws and nail perforations to be called art. His mixed media portraits incorporates articles of waste that invite a clarifying and humanizing engagements with what is discerned as beautiful disposable elements. His art presents bold complexity and striking completeness that evoke an inherent potency and elaborates collages mostly of (beer cans). Samson’s works has been published/exhibited nationally and internationally.